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SDT.03: embedded NUC (eNUC)

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embedded NUC (eNUC) // SDT.03

embedded NUC™ specifies an innovative industrial standard for small form-factor PCs inspired by the Intel® NUC systems (NUC: Next Unitof Computing) used in consumer products. By adapting the Intel® NUC for industrial applications, a wide range of PC functions in an extremely slim format (ca. 10cm x 10cm) can be realized. With its PC power the embedded NUC™ presents a highly attractive solution for industrial applications targeting a wide range of appliances while providing numerous interfaces in a compact format.

The embedded NUC™ standard allows for a wide variety of embedded solutions, from gateways to embedded applications on the shop-floor. What sets embedded NUC™ apart from other Box PCs is its combination of hardware and mechanical specification. Customers can rely on a broad range of high-performance building blocks for their business: From embedded NUC™ carrier-boards and mechanical housings to active and passive cooling solutions.