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How to become a SGET Member

We are pleased that you have decided to join the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies. Signing up with SGET is fairly simple and requires just a few steps. You can either use the Online Form to register as a SGET member, or you can download our Membership Form along with our associations bylaws and IPR regulations, fill it in and send it to us.

Membership Fees

  • Membership fees are 900 Euro per year per company
  • Additional fee of 500 Euro per working group membership (SDT)

Membership Benefits

  • Influence on new specifications
  • SGET Logo & Trademark usage
  • Visibility of company and products on SGET webpage
  • Access to first-hand information and support for all of our standards

  • Networking in the embedded community

Thumbs up for SGET

SGET allows us to offer our customers scalable and future-proof standard solutions with an accelerated time-to-market.

Thumbs up for SGET

Commercial off-the-shelf Standardisation by SGET allows for global acceptance of our products.

Thumbs up for SGET

SGET means future-proof standards trusted by customers as well as a developed ecosystem.

Thumbs up for SGET

Working together to develop and improve standards to make them easy to use for customers. This is what SGET means to us.

Thumbs up for SGET

SGET ensures that the specs will be maintained and will catch the new technology.