# 65, 35th Main
100 Feet Ring Road - BTM 2nd Stage
560068 Bangalore


TESSOLVE, a worldwide company since 2004 based in India, Europe, US & Asia and part of the famous respected HERO Group, is providing excellence to the semiconductor world, proven innovative processing platforms and solutions across automotive, avionics, healthcare and industrial markets. TESSOLVE, offers SMARC & Qseven System on Modules, high-end multimedia design services for complex embedded systems, Linux/Android/Windows software, strong technical expertise with best in class manufacturing & product lifetime management services. TESSOLVE is your long term partner in innovation in putting the best performances of the silicon into your products such as tablet or MtoM display unit, UHD video player, A/V streaming unit, GPS navigation system, infotainment platform, POS and payment terminal, measurement device, medical equipment, camera system, AR/VR glasses and iOT products.