SGeT, the Standards Group for Embedded Technologies e.V., is proud to announce today the much anticipated release of the new UIC standard Version 1.0. The SGET-defined software interface serves as a universal docking point for cloud services to embedded hardware.
According to Wolfgang Eisenbarth, acting SGET President, “SGET’s UIC standard offers a hands-on, open approach to em-bedded hardware that enables software companies to benefit from a large community with a ready-to-use connector. IoT solu-tions and Industry 4.0 applications in one of the strongest growth markets will appreciate this standardization on its low level em-bedded technology.”

The Universal IoT Connector architecture provides

  • Hardware access through an Embedded Driver Module (EDM) interface
  • Configuration Interface for embedded systems to provide event-based data transfer
  • Application Interface for securely transferring data sets to the cloud

Live demonstrations at Embedded World 2018 by several SGET member companies proved how UIC enables systems suppliers to adopt a cross-platform and open approach that keeps access to multiple hardware components from different vendors as consistent as possible. For example, with appropriate configuration, the Microsoft Azure Cloud can be accessed by a Qseven module through MQTT, or a COM Express module can be hooked up to a direct machine-to-machine network via XRCE – or vice versa. Essentially, the same software base can be reused as all customization is done through combining the required software parts without the need for knowledge about the underlying hardware and it ́s low level programming.

“Securing the investment by being able to re-use and maintain the existing software base on the one hand but also being able to flexibly extend the capabilities is the strength of the new UIC standard” says Carsten Rebmann, chairman of the UIC Standardization Team.

The Universal IoT Connector – UIC standard Version 1.0 can be downloaded at