On 14 June 2018, at the annual General Meeting of the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies e.V. (SGET), the new management board was elected.


For the next three-year term, the following members will serve (pictured from left to right): Wolfgang Eisenbarth (Portwell) as Chairman, Christian Eder (congatec AG) as First Deputy Chairman, Martin Unverdorben (Kontron) as Second Deputy Chairman, Martin Steger (iesy GmbH) as Treasurer, Mark Swiecicki (Data Modul AG) as Secretary. Eilyn Dommel (Vogel Verlag) was reconfirmed in her position as SGET Auditor.


The board members thanked departing board member Carsten Rebmann from congatec AG for the last six years of service and his intensive work to strengthen SGET’s Intellectual Property (IP) policies for the group and guiding new Standards Development Teams (SDT). Carsten Rebmann will remain the chairman of the new SDT.04 Universal Internet of Things Connector (UIC) standard which was launched at embedded world 2018.


Furthermore, the SGET board has drafted an update to the IP Rules that are intended to make it easier for technology firms to protect their innovations on a fair, reasonable, and nondiscriminatory (FRAND) basis when needed for new SGET specifications. “We are confident to get more interest from larger innovators in the embedded market to join SGET as a member. SGET also plans to open membership for educational organizations and start-ups to put latest developments in new open specification for best interoperability and broad market acceptance”, says Wolfgang Eisenbarth, the newly elected chairman of SGET. The IPR draft has been circulated to member companies and there will be a vote among the membership to adopt the revised rules in July of this year.


SGET e.V. is a registered technical, scientific and educational not-for-profit association organised under German law with its registered office in Munich. The purpose of the Association is the promotion of science, technology and research for the benefit of society and humanity. Embedded computing companies, board or system level manufacturers, semiconductor and connector manufacturers, software developers, research and educational institutions as well as embedded system integrators, OEM solution providers and industrial users, are welcome to join the SGET e.V. and contribute their ideas.




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