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    Kontron AG

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    UIC enabled

SMARC Module with extremely low power NXP i.MX7 series processor, Solo / Dual Core

NXP based SMARC Computer-on-Modules enables highly scalable ultra-low power applications

The extreme low power SMARC-sAMX7 modules with single or dual core NXP i.MX7 processors cover a very wide performance range and they are intended for small and power critical applications. Based on the ARM Cortex A7 technology, they enable an efficient development of smart devices in an extremely compact, fanless design with balanced processor and graphics performance.

  • Based on NXP i.MX 7 Family
  • Up to 2x 1 GHz Cortex® A7 + 200 MHz M4 processor
  • Up to 2 GByte RAM
  • Dual channel LVDS interface
  • Up to 2x GByte Ethernet, 3x PCIe, 4x USB 2.0