• Manufacturer:

    Avnet Embedded

  • Type:

    Carrier Board

  • Standard:


Qseven 2.0 Carrier Board

The new Qseven™ Rev. 2.0 embedded platform MSC Q7-MB-EP6 offers a variety of interfaces commonly used in embedded applications such as Gigabit LAN, USB 3.0, USB 2.0 Host, USB 2.0 Client, RS232/485 and CAN as well as DisplayPort and LVDS display interfaces. In addition a mini PCI Express™, an mSATA and an SD Card socket are supported to extend the functionality of the baseboard. The DisplayPort Signals are routed to the respective signals on the Qseven module connector via a TMDS translator which optionally corrects DisplayPort++ signaling for DP. The Qseven slot of the EP6 platform is placed on the lower side of the baseboard, making it easy to thermally connect the Qseven heat spreader to a metal enclosure and provide fanless heat dissipation.