• Manufacturer:

    Avnet Embedded

  • Type:

    Carrier Board

  • Standard:


Qseven Carrier Board

The Qseven™ embedded platform MSC Q7-MB-EP4 offers a variety of interfaces commonly used in embedded applications such as Gigabit LAN, USB 2.0, RS232 and LVDS / DVI to connect displays. In addition a mini PCI Express™, an mSATA and an SD-Card socket are supported to extend the functions of the baseboard. The DVI Signal is directly routed to the respective signal on the Qseven modules with a direct Digital Display Interface found typically on ARM or AMD x86. The Qseven slot of the EP4 platform is placed on the solder side of the baseboard, making it easy to thermally connect the Qseven heat spreader to a metal enclosure and provide fanless heat dissipation.