• Manufacturer: MSC Technologies
  • Type: Computer-on-Modul
  • Standard: Qseven
Qseven Rev. 2.0 compatible Module with Freescale i.MX6 Solo/Dual/Quad and Dual/QuadPlus Processors

The MSC Q7-IMX6PLUS CPU Module provides a choice of computing performance ranging from economic single-core to high-performance quad-core power in combination with a high graphics performance and low power consumption available over a wide temperature range. It incorporates the i.MX 6 (Solo, DualLite, Dual or Quad) or the i.MX 6DualPlus or 6QuadPlus processor with up to 1.2 GHz, up to 4GB DDR3 DRAM and up to 64GB eMMC Flash memory as well as an extensive set of interface controllers. The module provides the new Qseven Rev. 2.0 interface, allowing easy integration with Qseven baseboards.