• Manufacturer: MSC Technologies
  • Type: Computer-on-Modul
  • Standard: Qseven
Qseven Rev. 2.0 compatible Module with Intel Atom E38xx Solo/Dual/Quad Processor

The MSC Q7-BT module is based on the new Rev. 2.0 of the Qseven standard and using Intel’s multi-core Atom generation that integrates next generation Intel processor core, graphics, memory, and I/O interfaces. Based on Intel’s 22nm processor technology, this multi-core Atom processor provides outstanding computing and graphics power and is more power efficient than its predecessors. The new MSC Q7-BT brings dual independent display support, DirectX 11.1, fast DDR3L memory and USB 3.0 support. Optionally, the module supports SATA SSD Flash and/or eMMC Flash. Different SOCs with single-, dual- and quad-core processors are supported by this design.