• Manufacturer: ADLINK Technology, Inc.
  • Type: Carrier Board
  • Standard: SMARC
Industrial-Pi SMARC PX30 Development Kit, is designed to provide engineers an industrial-ready prototyping platform based on Rockchip PX30 Quad core Arm Cortex-A35 SoC processor. ADLINK's I-Pi SMARC Development Kit gives engineers a low-cost platform, for use at work or home, to experiment with peripherals and sensors and develop prototype versions of potential products, knowing the industrial-grade SMARC module they are using is supported by an ADLINK change control process.

I-Pi SMARC PX30 Development Kit based on LEC-PX30 small size SMARC rev 2.1 module with Rockchip PX30 Quad core Arm Cortex-A35 SoC processor

  • Rockchip PX30 Arm Cortex-A35 Quad core SoC processor
  • Using off-the-shelf SMARC Computer-on-Module, ready for Industry
  • I-Pi SMARC consists of a simple carrier paired with a SMARC SoM
  • Linux Library for low speed IO Communication in C with bindings for C++, Python, Node.js & Java
  • Up to 10 years product availability