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AMD Ryzen Embedded V/R-Series

The MSC SM2S-RYZ module is the smallest embedded platform for the AMD Ryzen Embedded Low Power V1000/R1000 processor family. This versatile system-on-chip (SoC) technology combines processing, graphics and I/O functionality on a single die, allowing for outstanding compute performance in environments with constrained space, power and cooling. The configurable Thermal Design Power (TDP) ranges from low 6 W to 15 W. The integrated “Vega” graphics processor unit with three up to 1.200 MHz fast compute units stands for highest graphics performance.

The new MSC SM2S-RYZ drives up to 4 independent 4k displays and offers up to 16 GByte fast DDR4 2400MT/s memory, USB 3.0 and PCI Express Gen.3 on a power saving and cost-efficient SMARC 2.1 Short Size module.

Different SOCs with quad-core (8 threads) and dual-core (4 threads) processors are supported by this design. In addition to an extensive set of interfaces it features hardware based security compliant to the requirements of TCG (Trusted Computing Group) and TPM 2.0 capability.

For evaluation and design-in of the MSC SM2S-RYZ module, MSC provides a suitable SMARC 2.1 development platform. A complete, ready-to-run Starterkit is also available.