Munich, December 2023 – As of today, the Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies e.V. (SGET) starts its Call for Participation in order to found a new Standard Development Team (SDT) for a Harmonized FPGA Module (HFM) standard. The call will remain open until 12. January 2024 for all who whould like to participate in developing an open standard for the standardization of FPGA modules.

In order to learn more about the scope of the standardization of a Harmonized FPGA Module (HFM), we have made the initial Team Mission Statement (TMS) available for download.

The formal request to found a new Standard Development Team (SDT) requires your feedback and participation. We kindly ask you to download the preliminary Team Mission Statement and give us feedback. In order to proceed with the standardization process and the foundation of a Standard Development Team at SGET, we need your valuable input. Are there additions that need to be made? Do you have concerns? Are there organizations that you would like to point towards our efforts and who are willing to join our standardization team?

After 12. January 2024 we will inform all who have signed up on working on the new standard about the founding meeting which will take place virtually. Please make sure to sign up below for the group in order to get your invitation for the founding meeting.

Call for Participation

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