SGET Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies e.V., has finalised Version 2.0 of the Qseven Design Guide “Guidelines for designing Qseven carrier boards” successfully. Reference examples from the actual Qseven V2.0 Reference Carrier Board ensure a clear understanding of the subject. New features since the last Version 1.2 include support for USB 3.0 SuperSpeed and embedded DisplayPort, just to name the two most popular ones.
“Now it’s even easier to choose Qseven, the market leader in multi-platform embedded COM standards”, Engelbert Hörmannsdorfer, Chairman of the SGET e.V., puts it in plain words: ”Our target is the market of highly efficient, low power mobile and stationary embedded systems up to a TDP of 12 watts, and our members have already released a significant portfolio of Qseven V2.0 COMs in the last year. Here at the embedded world in Nuremberg we are going to see a lot of more new products on both platforms – ARM-based as well as x86-based. We are offering the broadest range of well matured products in this market now.”
Qseven is a well-established, legacy-free standard for technology-independent small form factor computer modules (COMs) which includes standardized thermal/mechanical interfaces. Qseven was the first Standard that supported x86 and ARM technologies in COM-compatible environments. For developers of small form factor devices this is a strategic and cost saving benefit, as the decision for one or the other hardware does not affect the mechanical design of the devices. This enables risk-free changes between the platforms and a wider scalability by means of cost, performance and specific features.
The new design guide will be available shortly when it has passed the internal release procedure. According to the SGET terms downloads will be free of charges for Qseven developers as well as for users and carrier board providers. Supported processor platforms for Qseven include ARM technology from Nvidia, Freescale and Texas Instruments as well as x86 technology from Intel and AMD.
Other companies in the embedded computing industry are invited to join the SGET e.V. and contribute their ideas. Apart from embedded computing manufacturers on board and system level, also chip and connector manufacturers, research and educational institutions as well as embedded system integrators, OEM solution providers and industrial users are most welcome.