“We are pretty excited about our member Iriso that they are now manufacturing and delivering the MXM2 connector which is vital for the Qseven standard”, says Engelbert Hoermannsdorfer, Chairman of the SGET e.V., With this, we are not just facing another, highly qualified manufacturer, but also long term availability of the Qseven standard will be greatly enhanced and backed up.”

“It is a pleasure for us that we can significantly contribute to the long-term future of the Qseven standard with the 10-year supply guarantee for our MXM2 connector”, confirms Kazuhiko Akimoto, Deputy General Manager at Iriso.
Iriso is a global supplier of high-quality connectors for industrial applications. Iriso is headquartered in Yokohama, Japan and celebrates its 50-year anniversary in 2016.

Qseven is a well-established, legacy-free standard for technology-independent small form factor computer modules (COMs) which includes standardized thermal/mechanical interfaces. Qseven was the first and long-time only Standard which supported x86 and ARM technologies in COM-compatible environments. For developers of small form factor devices this is a strategic and cost saving benefit, as the decision for one or the other hardware does not affect the mechanical design of the devices. This enables risk-free changes between the platforms and a wider scalability by means of cost, performance and specific features.