Munich, November 4, 2014 –The SDT.03 (Standard Development Team) working group of the SGET Standardization Group for Embedded Technologies e.V. is currently moving forward with leaps and bounds. Recently, the first specification workshop was held, where members of the group carried out intense discussions and contributed their ideas and expected specifications. The working group aims to define an ‘embedded NUC’ (eNUC) standard around NUC developed by Intel®.

At the event at the Munich airport, several external experts from other SGET working groups participated, providing valuable professional content. The ideas and concepts of the SDT.03 members were submitted into a ‘version 0.9’ document, that will now be at the center of discussion over the coming weeks and months. This should shortly lead into a publishable version 1.0 of eNUC.

The small and compact Intel® NUC system (NUC: Next Unit of Computing) once again combines multiple PC functions into a more streamlined format. With a base board size of only 10 x 10 cm, Intel wants to primarily address consumer applications, ranging from home theater systems, digital jukeboxes and gaming appliances to space-saving solutions for the home office.

This kind of PC power in such a compact format is, of course, interesting for industrial applications. Therefore, the SDT.03 was founded within the standardization consortium SGET e.V. to ensure NUC is operational for the embedded industry.

The foundation of the SDT.03 around four months ago inspired several companies such as Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH and Pentair (formerly: Schroff GmbH) to join the SGET e.V. "When there is an embedded standard evolving around NUC, then we simply have to be part of it", says Peter Hoser, Director OEM Sales Motherboard, Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH. And Uwe Rieger, Head of New Product Development at Pentair, stated: "We need standards for the next, embedded NUC, so that customers can rely on a specification."

"For our customers, the publication of such standards is of great importance, because they can rely on product characteristics such as long-term availability and functionality of standardized industrial products like embedded NUC", explains Martin Steger, Chairman of SDT.03 and CEO of ies GmbH & Co. KG. "To achieve this, SGET e.V. is essential."

"The very intensive activities of the SDT.03 standardization team in recent weeks and months have sparked a lot of interest in the embedded technologies industry," says Engelbert Hoermannsdorfer, CEO of SGET e.V. "Due to the new soft members, we now total over 50 industry representatives in the SGET e.V. Above all, I am pleased that almost all the new members have immediately become involved and made active contributions to the appropriate standard development teams."

At the upcoming electronics show ‘electronica 2014’ in Munich, SGET e.V. will hold a press conference detailing recent activities. A main focus will be the results to date on the embedded NUC by the SDT.03. The press conference is scheduled for November 11, 2014 at 15.30. (Following the congatec press conference which also takes place in this room.)

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